Pirates help the Cubs finish above .500

October 6, 2009

montemayor-mejias-clemente1955There was a time when the Pittsburgh Pirates gave the Chicago Cubs a hard time. In the seventies and the sixties the Chicago Cubs didn’t have a chance against the black and the gold. The would take a beating from the likes of Dave parker,Willie Stargel, and Roberto Clemente. These Pirate teams were strong and baseball did not get bad about free agency. Many of the top players for teams in small markets wilol jump ship nowdays. In the past great players were usually stuck with a team unless the team traded them. The Pittsburgh Pirates were able to afford their best players and not have to get rid of them. The sorry excuse of a team in Pittsburgh and Cincinatti can’t compete with the Chicago Cubs big bankroll today. The Cubs beating up on these teams is the primary reason they have been good inn recent years. The Pirates and the Reds lose so many games to the Chicago Cubs these days it is sickening. It seems like they don’t even try. The Cubs can win 85 to 90 games a year annually now as they have about thirty five games with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinatti Reds. These are not your fathers Pittsburgh Pirates anymore.


Ernie banks should of bashed little Chet Coppock’s head in

September 28, 2009

cc_erniebanks600Chet Coppock is that annoying man who is always around Chicago sports channals for some reason. We have his father for blaming to getting little Chet so into sports and annoying the Chicago sports fan with his presence. Little Chet was able to get to meet some of these Chicago Cubs. I suppose Chet’s father had some money and influence. Here is a picture of the great Ernie Banks with Chet Coppock. You know this was the era of civil rights and that Ernie must of wanted to bash little Coppocks head in with his little smirk attitude. The Chicago Cubs had more important things on their mind in the sixties than entertaining some little snot nosed kids like little Chester Coppock. I could think of a hundred ways Ernie could put that bat to better use in this picture.


Did leaon Durham and Lee Smith throw the 1984 playoffs

September 20, 2009

Lee Smith and leon Durham were very good friends on the Chicago Cubs. They were usually roommates and hung around together ignoring their White teammates. They discussed current events and were horrified to see how things were like in Chicago in the early eighties. Harold Washington had got elected in Chicago and the city was very racially polarized.  They had good years in 1984, but when the playoffs came it was another story. Lee Smith got hammered in his appearances and gave up the winning home run in game four to Steve Garvey. leon Durham would let a ground ball go through his legs as the San Diego Padres defeated the much stronger Chicago Cubs to go into the World Series.  I often wondered if these two let these things happen as a punishment for the racism they experienced in Chicago. Was it their way of getting back at the fans? The way they played in the National league Championship series that year makes me wonder.LeonDurham1123696_f260


Why did the Chicago cubs waste money on Dave Smith

September 14, 2009



Dave Smith career with the Cubs fortunely was short. The Chicago Cubs signed him big bucks. they were expecting him to be their closer for several years as he was sucessful in Houston. Cub fans like me were still pissed off at the loss of another man named Smith in the bullpen a few years previously. Lee Smith had gone on to division rival St Louis and had some huge seasons. So instead the Cubs went out and got this bum Smith who was finished.

  dave Smith gave up runs,games, and walks. This guy couldn’t get anybody out and his performance was one of the worse I have ever seen. I can’t believe how much just changing teams can mess with a players physice. I am sure he would of done good in 1992 had he stayed with the Astros. For some reason he got hammered all the time especially in Wrigley Field. The Cubs ended his misery and cut him soon and Mr Dave Smith was out of baseball.6f073b4e80_dsmith12182008


Mark Grace was a slick hitter and fielder for the Cubs

September 5, 2009

mark grace did not strike out alot. He had one of the best swings in the game and I was sure he was destined for the hall of fame and three thousand hits. He had almost two thousand in just the nineties. The ball flew off his bat when he swung though it rarely left the park.  Mark often hit .300 for the Chicago Cubs and won gold gloves on the field. He is surely one of the most memorable and popular Cubs from that time period.  A contract dispute caused him to leave the ball club and he retired shortly after leaving the Cubs. The good thing was he was able to win a World Series ring, something he could never have doen had he played his entire career in Chicago1133532_f260grace_mark


The day I remember when the Goose was cooked

August 23, 2009

Goose Gossage is a hall of famer. He was over the hill when the Cubs aquired him in the ninties. I will always remember the day I knew the Goose was cooked. The Chicago Cubs were playing the Houston Astros and had a comfortable lead. They had come from behind and taken the lead late in the game and Goose was called in for the save. It was early in his Chicago Cubs career, but the Goose had some rough outings. Well, Gossage blew another save and gave a huge home run. I will always remember the Gooses face looking at the bleachers and hearing Harry Carry’s disturbed voice calling the blown lead. He was through and I couild tell from the look of Goose Gossage’s face he was wondering what had happened to his stuff. The Chicago Cubs would go on a long strech of getting bad relief pitchers which I will discuss later.


Bill Hands used his hands to pitch for the Chicago Cubs

August 18, 2009



I never saw Bill Hands pitch for the Chicago Cubs. For a ew years he was the ace of the staff for the Chicago Cubs. I don’t have much to say about him except he has a memorable name. It is a perfect name for a pitcher and perhaps the best name for a Cub pitcher since three fingers brown going way back. I want to keep this blog about Cub players from the sixties to the present, but maybe I will go and include all past Cubs